Gila-gila Pengantin (2003)

Film terbaru dengan nama Gila-gila Pengantin (2003) dirilis pada tanggal 2003-01-30 di negara INA film ini termasuk film menarik di tahun ini karena pemerannya cantik cantik dan tampan tampan diantaranya adalah , , , , , , , , , film Gila-gila Pengantin (2003) mengusung tema , yang di stutradarai oleh dengan durasi kurang lebih 120 Min dan dengan kualitas

This movie tells the story of Aliah, who wants to get married, just like any other girl, but the problem is she has a phobia of the wedding ceremony itself due to a past incident. At the same time, there is another guy who is also facing the same problem. They meet in the cyber world and chat everyday to keep in touch. The problem is that the both of them already have their own partners and when their respective wedding ceremonies loom, the phobia starts to worry them. The cyber buddies will have to choose whether to continue with their weddings with their respective partners, or to stick to each other.

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Duration: 120 Min


Release Date: 2003-01-30